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  • Clean Ingredients

    SLS - free, Flouride - free basically chemical free and nun of the toxic stuff

  • Refillable Glass Jars

    After you are done with the bits you can simply get our refills and top it up or your mum can put masalas in it

  • Naturally Fresh Flavors

    Hand picked peppermint from South Indian farms. Soo fresh and sooo minty.

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  • Toothpaste Tablets

    Experience the freshness of natural peppermint in our toothpaste tablets.

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  • Detachable Brush

    Introducing detachable bamboo toothbrush with charcoal infused. Works like magic on surface stains with anti-bacterial properties.

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  • Took a while for me to change to toothbit but after all it was worth it. If you really think about it. it actually makes sense and we need to reduce our plastic consumption for our own longevity.

  • I was blown by the fact that how easy and mess free toothbit is and how travel friendly it is. I just love it 🥰

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